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Chopped OEM beavertail backstrap for Glocks


A new, OEM beavertail backstrap for Glock handguns that has been chopped to provide the advantage of the beavertail feature without increasing the overall size of the grip with the full backstrap.

Fits any gen 4-5 Glock that accepts the OEM interchangeable backstraps.

New, long trigger housing pin included (black).

*This is a new, pre-modified version.  If you already have a backstrap and would prefer to send that one in for this modification, please check out our OEM Glock beavertail backstrap chop.

*Shipping is included on this product

*This product is a new, modified OEM product.  Any warranties or claims by the original manufacturer are null and void.  This product is warranted through GLCW.  GLCW is not affiliated with, nor representing Glock Inc. in any way.  Any use of the name, or trademarked materials of Glock Inc are done so only in description, and promotion of Glock inc.

*With all stippling and frame modifications, you will be mailing your frame to: 

Continuous Precision LLC 

1280 Holden Rd Ste 109

Milford, MI 48381 

Dimensions N/A

Black, Coy tan (19X), FDE, ODG, Grey, Battlefield Green