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Let's have a conversation about adding Continuous Precision to your department!

We are proud to serve the members of the LE community.

We provide products to LE agencies across the United States and Internationally.

We offer special pricing programs for individuals, groups, or complete agencies.

Our slogan "Enhance Your Survivability" is built into every one of
our products made right here in Milford, Michigan USA!

Please reach out to us regarding details of our LE programs for yourself or your agency.


Not sure if you remember but we spoke and email a little over six months ago about an officer involved shooting I had. I was using your original trigger during that particular shooting. I absolutely credit my ability to deliver pinpoint hits on target to that trigger. At that time SLED took that G22 with the trigger and you were more than kind to send me a EDT V.2 as a replacement free of charge. Well, I can now say as of 5/7/21 the EDT V.2 is now battle proven and surpassed the test hands down (not to mention already putting a few thousand rounds down range with it). I ended up in another officer involved shooting on 5/7/21, where I can once again say that I credit my pinpoint accuracy to the awesome triggers you are producing. Along with my family, I am even more grateful now for the lifesaving triggers and products you guys are making every day.

Senior Deputy ,    —- County Sheriffs Office,    Uniform Patrol
SWAT Entry Team,  Firearms Instructor

Loving the trigger on my SWAT pistol. I have about 20,000 or more rounds with this particular trigger. Also have one in my 19x, 43x, and 43. Thanks for the great product.    —Gregory

Good morning, I finally was able to get out and really put some rounds on target and run the new V2 trigger through its paces a few weeks ago. I thought I loved the old trigger until I ran the new one. The V2 is crisp and consistent. I have put close to 1,000 rounds on it in the last two weeks in an advanced instructor pistol course. Everyone who uses my gun at SWAT loves the flat face V2. Several have ran out and bought their own after feeling mind, many swapping out other companies aftermarket triggers for the V2. Actually have a good buddy with an old trigger and told him to give you a call. He said you guys took care of him no problem and actually bought two V2 triggers after that. I have put about 300 rounds throw my conceal carry Glock 43X with the new V2 trigger you sent me. Absolutely love it, no surprise there. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t bullshit. If a project is a pile of crap I’ll say it no matter the company or price of it. I can honestly say the Continuous Precision trigger line is the real deal and that I exclusively run them in all my pistols now and any further guns. Now I’m just waiting for you guys to come out with an AR drop in trigger. 

——————- County Sheriff’s Office, SWAT Team