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Who is Continuous Precision?

Continuous Precision, located in Milford, Michigan is a manufacturer that puts focus on improving upon firearms parts, upgrades and customization with a “Function First” mentality while being innovative and precision focused on everything produced. 

CP’s products are in the hands of Military, Law Enforcement as well as the EDC, Competition and recreational shooter. 

CP holds two patents and a third in process. CP’s Patented Corner Serrations on pistol slides and RDS Back-up sights are most commonly known. 

CP’s owners and employees are all shooters looking to give their customers a better product that may help them get home to their family that night, survive a bad situation or shave time off that match. With a company slogan of “Enhance your survivability” 


The Meaning Of Our Name:

“con·tin·u·ous” forming an unbroken whole; without interruption. “pre·ci·sion” refinement in a measurement, calculation, or specification, especially when marked by or adapted for accuracy and exactness.


If we are to be defined, we want it to be as accurately as possible, as with anything else that we do or build. We take pride in our products and services because we have devoted time designing them with great attention to detail.


It takes a machine to make simple cuts on metal, but it takes a seasoned operator behind that machine to make conscious, accurate decisions that impact the final work. With years of machining and manufacturing experience we make every effort to perfect our meticulousness every time we set foot in our shop.


Our goal is to offer customers a product that was manufactured with the end user’s complete satisfaction and trust in mind. We hope to show you through action and proof of work. We will always work on growing our list of products and services in hopes of being able to take care of all your current and future needs for exactness in performance. We will always be in the Continuous pursuit for Precision.



Jeff Savitsky – President

I started working at a machine shop in 1991 when my summer deck business needed to pause for the winter. I ended up staying there 24 years learning then honing my skills machining in the automotive industry. A random conversation started the wheels turning on a new endeavor. A idea to machine gun slides quickly turned into the first of 2 patents on manipulating a semi automatic pistol slide one handed and led to starting Continuous Precision in the firearms industry where we provide products and services to Law Enforcement, Military and civilians across the country and around the world!

Mike Green – Vice President

I am an entrepreneur currently owning and involved in four separate businesses all in different areas of the firearms industry. With over 30 years in the industry and many more enjoying it as a recreational & competitive shooter. I have been fortunate to stay diversified by working in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Training and Retail parts of our industry. Each one complementing how the other works alone and together. Working in the different parts of our industry has taught me how to navigate through the intricacies and inner working knowledge of each while learning how one can interact and compliment the other. The valuable knowledge of knowing the multiple parts of our industry and the relationships forged along the way have added knowledge that would have taken a lifetime. The love of working with people, solving problems and the experience to help all while continuing to learn keeps the enthusiasm to strive for improvement. 

Our Patent

From a need to improve upon one handed manipulation of a handgun for police, military and civilian personal protection.

The idea of adding serrations to the corners of a slide for improved traction to help aid the operator of a firearm in clearing malfunctions, reloading, etc, both one handed (such as an injured shooter) and two handed, quickly turned into 2 United States patents.

These are the original drawings and patents shown.

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