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Backstrap meld


Backstrap meld blends factory interchangeable, or aftermarket backstraps and beaver tails into the grip in the grip area for a seamless look and feel.


*Not available for all models.  M&P, & FN rubber type material backstraps can not be blended due to the difference in materials used.


*Backstraps get blended in the grip area only.


*Light colors such as FDE, or tan may be discolored in customized areas and need to be Cerakoted.


*Must be accompanied by a 360 degree stippled grip, or grip package.

*With all stippling and frame modifications, you will be mailing your frame to: 

Continuous Precision LLC 

1280 Holden Rd Ste 109

Milford, MI 48381 

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in