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509 / 503 / 502 / FNX / Five-seveN Superior Package


GLCW’s flagship Superior Package includes a bevy of mods for your carry, duty, or competition FN 509, 503, 502, FNX, or Five-seveN handgun, now including expedited service for the fastest turn around time possible.  We start by smoothing out the factory grip texture, adding a trigger guard forward reference notch for a positive support hand reference point, and side magwell cuts for enhanced purchase on the magazine during forced stripping.  We then lay out our signature embossed borders following the natural lines of the gun for a “from the factory” look and fill them in with our 360 degree stippled grip and forward reference points in your desired texture level providing the best, most comfortable grip available.  Lastly, we provide a thorough cleaning in our ultrasonic cleaner and lube the gun with Lucas Oil before re-assembling and sending it back out, providing a ready-to-go condition when it arrives back to you.


509 / 503 / 502 / 57 / Superior Package

Stippled grip

Stippled fwd index points

Trigger guard fwd reference notch

Side magwell cuts




Recommended when maximum texture is desired.  Ie:  Dedicated duty, or competition guns.


The middle ground.  Recommended for everyday carry, competition, or duty.


Recommended when minimal texture is desired.  Ie: If the gun is to be carried against bare skin.

Hybrid Carry:

Medium texture on the front and back where traction is most critical with carry texture on the sides.



Manufacturer logos are preserved whenever possible.

While minimal, light colored frames such as “FDE”, or “Sand” may have slight discolorations in the stippled area.

Cerakoted, or other coated frames require an additional $40 fee and will be two toned, or will need re-coated to match.

*With all stippling and frame modifications, you will be mailing your frame to: 

Continuous Precision LLC 

1280 Holden Rd Ste 109

Milford, MI 48381 

Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in
Texture level

Mild, Medium, Aggressive, Hybrid Carry