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ES +5 extensions for Glock magazines

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ES +5 extensions for Glock magazines

*See install instructions below*Enhanced Survivability +5 Glock magazine extensions. These extensions are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and come with an extended spring that allows you to get 5 more rounds in your factory Glock magazine. Our ES extensions are designed with our “Function First” theory in mind. Added weight combined with serrated recessions on each side of the extension and our reverse radius “lip” around the bottom all provide a superior surface & edge. Giving you a better purchase making standard and one handed loading & reloading easier and faster. These Especially aid in clearing a double feed where there is pressure on the magazine while trying to remove it. The lip around the bottom lets you hook it on an empty holster, pocket, etc for one handed extraction. While highly functional they still give you that instant custom look and feel. These extensions are anodized in our standard hard coat colors. All these benefits while allowing you to carry an extra 5 rounds.  *Includes new power mag spring***Installation & Break in Instructions: CP Xtra power magazine springs are specifically designed for our +5 G17 extensions. After installation, it may require the magazine to be loaded and unloaded 3-5 times to relax the spring the little needed to get all additional five rounds in the magazine easily. The use of a magazine loader will aid in this process or exclude the need to do this.***MAGAZINE NOT INCLUDED!  MAGAZINE EXTENSION & EXTENDED SPRING ONLY !!

Like our other Continuous Precision products, they are manufactured 100% in the USA!
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in